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25 days ago

VMware vSphere VirtualMachineSnapshots issue

Every day the VMware_vSphere_VirtualMachineSnapshots LogicModule will run its Active Discovery and pickup templates in one of our vCenters.

I have setup Tags on this vCenter and have the esx.tags property on the vCenter resource set to true.

The LogicModule will pickup the templates as having a snapshot even though they are templates.

The vCenter these templates are on is version 8.0.2.

There are a few more templates across the same vCenter instances and these are all tagged identically but do not show up. Editing the LogicModule, running Active Discovery and they show up without their vCenter tags. Close and reopen the LogicModule edit window and re-run the Active Discovery and the templates show up but are excluded by their tags.

What is going on here? Why do they appear and disappear on a whim. Why only these templates?

Any help would be appreciated!