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12 months ago

"Virtual" device monitoring

I am preparing a set of datasources to monitor several aspects of a cloud provided service. I can connect to that service using an URL and specific port, but cannot ping this service as it is blocke...
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    12 months ago

    To pile on, host status is determined by the presence of any response to particular datasources. Any datasource that has to return a response from the device itself indicates that the device is up will prevent the device from being marked “dead”.. So ping, http, https, any of the SNMP datasources, etc. will work to keep the device from being “dead”. 

    I was going to look up the code Mike posted, but he beat me to it, haha. Although, it sort of cheats by essentially hard coding the device to be considered up. That snippet of code was designed to allow a scripted datasource to return data that causes the device to not appear dead. It’s original use was to only return that if the script ran successfully.

    Instead of just having the liveHostSet.flag method just run, I would suggest you tie that to some sort of conditional logic so that it only runs if the script knows the device is actually up.

    For example, if you were using the script to check a controller that the device is up, the device itself isn’t actually giving a response. LM can’t (and shouldn’t) just trust that the device is up just because LM can talk to the controller. It should use the response from the controller to determine if the device is up and only then run the liveHostSet.flag method.