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2 years ago

Using Postman to create multiple Websites via API & CSV?

Hi, I’m testing out creating websites (or resources) via the API.  I have a standard Post working in Postman just fine.  However, when I then try to do the same thing via a CSV file in the Runner se...
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    3 months ago

    Well, just bumping this because it came up again yesterday.  I was able to create a device group with no issues, but simply by change it from device/groups to website/groups made it all break.  It ended up being the version.  When I tried to add it to the URL it didn’t help.  What seemed to work was to specify it in the header like this:

    Once I did that, everything seemed to start working.  Just in case it comes up for me again, I’m documenting it here.  Or if it helps anyone else, there you go.  :)