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2 months ago

Trial Account

I'm not sure what's happening, maybe you're not interested in new customers anymore or what, but I've been trying to set up a Trial for almost a week now with no response from LM whatsoever.

I filled out and submitted the form last week, I called your sales several times this week but nobody reached to me and all calls went to the voicemail.

This seems bizarre to me that the trial option is locked behind sales but the sales process seems to be completely dysfunctional. Any help here would be greatly appreciated before I completely gave up here and moved on to something else.

Thank you!

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  • Hey achurak  I hope you're well!
    I wanted to let you know that I've reached out internally to our sales team to ensure that someone is reaching out to you about this request. Feel free to let me know here if you don't hear from somebody before the end of the week, thanks!

  • No, we're not associated with any competitors. Besides, even if we were I don't see how that would affect my attempts to call them.

    I'm assuming they let all calls go to voicemail and "maybe" return them after, but I haven tried leaving a message, I expect sales dpt answer their calls. You either have a phone line or you do not, or at least make it completely automated instead of letting me sit there and listen for ring tone for a minute.

    Either way, like I mentioned above someone did reach out to me to schedule a call after my post here. Hoping that the product itself is going to be better than the sales experience so far (I also found someone on reddit complaining about exactly the same problem btw, so it's not just a fluke).

  • Odd. Are you in any way associated with a competitor of LM? I could understand their reaction if they thought you were.

  • Hi! Yes, I did, almost a week ago.

    20 minutes after I posted this message however someone finally contacted me, so looks like your community portal is the best way to get a hold of your sales unfortunately. Thank you!