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10 months ago

TiWorker and LM - CPU 100%

I think I have found a possible link between TiWorker process and LM causing 100% CPU thou I'm not completely sure just yet ….. Has anyone else in the community been investigating a link here ?

I have found if i stop the LM services the Windows Modules Installer Worker (TiWorker) process drops CPU thou on the other hand in some cases it will hit 100%. The only thing i can see for sure is they seem to be affected by each other, or I'm loosing my mind that's an option :)

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  • Ok I have been able to prove there is a link and now have a case with LM to investigate. This is repeatable and happening on many of our collectors, Steps below;

    1. TiWorker and LM is causing Collectors to have 100% cpu usage.
    2. I stop Windows Update service and Disable
    3. End process on TiWorker but it keeps respawning
    4. Stop LM services set to manual
    5. end process on TiWorker
    6.Tiworker stays away
    7. Start LM services
    8. TiWorker comes back

    I knew i wasn't loosing my mind :) But its a weird one for sure !

  • Im wondering if this is linked to the Windows Update Datasource since its the windows update process being triggered mmmm