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24 days ago

SNMP Interface Status=No Such Instance currently exists at this OID

Alright, so I'm a little surprised LM doesn't seem to handle this natively, but when a device has a logical interface configured on it and then you delete the logical interface, LM is expecting a response (I think) = 6 which is the component is removed or something along those lines.  However, it appears the network appliance community thinks the right answer is this one: No Such Instance currently exists at this OID.   I tried this on multiple Juniper routers and on Fortigate and they all agree this is the right way to do it.

Anyone else seen this problem and is there a reasonable way to not alarm when interfaces are deleted?  I tried re-discovering the device.  Don't really want to delete it and re-add it...

  • What is the discovery schedule? What is the instance auto-deletion set to?

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  • Ah that was it!  I guess by default auto-deletion for the instance was set to off.  Thanks!

  • When an interface is deleted, the next discovery cycle should remove the instance from LM. In our case, we want the alert about an interface being deleted because it is the failsafe mechanism by which we are notified that someone is making the change, should they skip the proper procedure. 

  • That's what I would think too but I have many subinterfaces that were deleted by script about 10 or 11 hours ago and they're still all alerting (status == 2) which is definitely not being sent.

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      What is the discovery schedule? What is the instance auto-deletion set to?