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4 years ago

Servicenow CMDB network adapter sync

Hello Community,

CMDB works as advertised for devices. But I can not seem to make the network adapter case work. No records appear in the table cmdb_ci_network_adapter.

My case:

  • Lots of cmdb_ci_netgear devices being managed by LM.
  • LM is allowed to create CI in Servicenow.
  • The devices in LM have network interfaces, 64 bits or otherwise.
  • The business rule "LM - Network Adapter Update" is enabled.
  • The scheduled job "LM - Network Adapter Import" is enabled and scheduled to run regularly.
  • The logs "Integration Logs" don't show errors. It shows "LM-CMDB Network Adapter Instance Import. Processing 0 LogicMonitor Objects".
  • No errors whatsoever in the Servicenow logs.

I presume it's not surprising no records are created when seeing the integration logs. However, something is preventing the network adapter CI from being created.

What else can I check ?

Thx !

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