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18 days ago

SDTing via API, one source work the other does not

So I've been working on an LM/Jira JSM integration lately.. the native functions did not work for us. And to be quite honest I cannot remember the details but suffice to say that I have a working Custom HTTP Delivery with three URLs for Active, ACK, and Clear alert functions.

Now the goal is an automation action on the Jira side to SDT a specific host. So I began by building and testing the call in Postman. Works like a champ.. I can add a DeviceSDT, with a comment using the deviceDisplayName for a period of 1 hour. Exactly what I want in Jira.

Build out the automation rule, it's a manual action with no user input. It should add a DeviceSDT to a variable {{deviceHostname}} with variables that are defining epoch time in MS for {{now}}, and an endDateTime of 1 hour.. again in epoch MS format.

I test it and nothing happens. Jira reports back an HTTP400. Odd.. so I run the same thing in Postman and it works. Ok remove the variables and replace them with static content, mirroring exactly whats in the Postman payload. Still, 400 error. 

Stumble across (which is fabulous for this sort of thing BTW) Nope.. the call/payload from Jira is 100% identical to Postman. Same Bearer token, and mostly the same headers; content-type, accept-encoding, Accept, Connection and User-Agent. Postman does add a couple that are unique to it but I have not found any doc on what (if any) headers other than Authorization, are required for this SDT call.

So does anyone here have any suggestions? I do have a case open with LM support as well as Atlassian.


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