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11 months ago

SAP HANA Connection Error

Here are logs of SAP HANA test script. I set properties as hana.user,hana.pass and hana.dbnames. I want to set port number clearly but I cloud not find such property. In the logs the part of port num...
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    11 months ago

    Hello @Kiyoshi Egawa 

    On our document here:

    We do actually call out that you can use the hana.port property to set the specific port you need to monitor these devices.  This port is used in the PropertySource addCategory_SAP_HANA.  It uses the port to craft the URL used by the DataSources to connect to your device.

    As stated in that article, you can even list multiple ports there, but it will default to 39013.

    The number you see in that log is likely something unrelated to a port, as that value is much higher than the highest TCP port which is 65535. 

    As always, if you are still running into issues while working through this document, I would definitely suggest opening up a support ticket so we can take a look!