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5 years ago

SAML - Access Denied Error Message

Has anyone encountered SAML error message when attempting to modify an existing user in LogicMonitor? Screenshot attached

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    Are you modifying a field set by the IDP? If so, modify it in the IDP?

    If not, i'm not sure. We might lock down certain fields when a user is created via SSO. If you're not modifying a field set by SSO, i'd recommend reaching out to support.

  • We have opened a case with Support but not gotten any feedback yet which is why I wanted to see if this issue was being seen by other customers?

    Regarding which fields we are trying to modify, is actually simple changes that worked in the past but not anymore. I.e. Suspending an account or adding an addition role to a SAML account. This issue started about two weeks ago and has remained the same. New SAML users (accounts less than 2 weeks) we dont have issues getting them added or modifying their roles. Only SAML users that existed prior to the error message. I am thinking it might be an issue with the metadata or integration on our side but wanted to get others opinions before having to strip down our users and rebuild.

  • Did you ever get a resolution for this? Having the same issue