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3 years ago

'Resource Inventory' report - DataSource: PingMulti - How to list IP on the output?


I've scheduled a resource inventory report & added the 'Ping Multi' datasource to it since we've a lot of ICMP only profiles across our different customers. It works fine & does the trick in terms of grabbing all the info on a CSV.
We're just missing the actual IP of the instance (--> Instance Value). We want to deliver reports where we're able to grab the profile name + the respective IP.
Tried several properties (like: wildvalue, etc.) to see if it populates on the CSV but, it stays blank.

Searched for documentation & didn't found any. Is there any property for this? PLEASE TELL ME YES! ?
I know can we can do API calls on each instance to grab the wildvalue (using the resource ID to grab the device datasource ID & from there querying the instance directly), however, it will take ages on each report run (since we've 2000+ instances) - approx. 20 seconds per instance - I tested

Appreciate the help anyway!


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