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6 months ago

Provisioning LDAP Application in Sailpoint IIQ

I am new to Sailpoint. I have onboarded LDAP Application, aggregated and next I want to provision a delimited file data to LDAP application. I followed the step this way --> Manage User --> Selected User --> Manage Access --> filter --> Entitlement Application --> LDAP --> Selected and proceeded further.

And I get the error every time

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  • After onboarding and aggregating the LDAP application in SailPoint, to provision delimited file data to the LDAP application, you can follow these steps: Navigate to Manage User, select the desired user, then go to Manage Access. Use the filter to find the Entitlement Application and select LDAP. From there, you can choose the appropriate entitlements for the user and proceed with the provisioning process. Ensure that the entitlements are correctly mapped and that the delimited file data is properly formatted and aligned with the LDAP schema requirements. This approach helps ensure that the user access and entitlements are accurately provisioned in the LDAP application.

  • Hi, @srikanthbollu I understand you are having some trouble with Sailpoint. 

    It doesn’t sound like this may be related to LogicMonitor. Can you share any additional details about the concerns you have?

    You mentioned an error, can you share a screenshot of the error you are experiencing?