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4 years ago

PowerStore LogicModule

Has anyone created a PowerStore LogicModule I could use to get us going?

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    Sorry, i completely misread and thought you said PowerShell. Obviously PowerStore and PowerShell are completely different.

    I'll start by giving the standard answers I give to questions like this. These aren't accusations, just meant to help guide your thinking around what to do in this case and other cases like it:

    1. Have you searched through the installed DataSources in your portal to find out if any DataSources apply but aren't yet monitoring data because of missing credentials or some other reason? If we have monitoring available out of the box and it's not working, it's likely there are credentials or other input properties that need to be specified.
    2. Have you searched the exchange to find any DataSources that might cover what you're looking for? There may be updates or new DataSources that cover these metrics that haven't been added to your portal. 
    3. If existing DataSources don't exist, you may need to build them. The question then becomes, how do you know today, outside of LogicMonitor, about the objects you want to monitor? Do you manually pull up a list? Is the data fetched from an API or a web page? What metrics are you looking for? If you can "monitor" it manually, the task merely becomes figuring out how to automate that manual process.

    If, for example, you have already identified the API endpoints where the data exists, you'd start by considering whether the DataSource should be multi-instance or single instance. If it's multi-instance, care should be given to Active Discovery methods and options. After sorting creation of the instances, look into collection. For an API, that may be scripted. There are some examples of how this could be done via Groovy here.

  • I've done all that.  We're engaging with LM PS on quoting doing this work for us.

    I appreciate your responses.


  • On 4/7/2021 at 4:00 PM, Joe Foster said:

    I've done all that.  We're engaging with LM PS on quoting doing this work for us.

    I appreciate your responses.


    Did you have any success with LM PS being able to setup monitoring of PowerStore?  We are currently evaluating LM and have a considerable amount PowerStore.



  • Hey Joe - How did your PS engagement go and did you get the powerstore datasources you were looking to monitor.... if so- any chance you could share?   Understatnd if that is not possible but I thought I would ask.