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2 months ago

New Widget display Dead Devices

Hi, I want to create a new widget to display all dead devices in our LogicMonitor instance. Can anyone advise how this can be done? And what is the best widget type to use? Thanks
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    2 months ago

    There are a couple of ways:

    • You could setup an alert list filtered down to the idleInterval datapoint of the Host Status datasource. The nice thing about this is that you can add other properties of the device as columns on the alert list widget.
    • You could setup a dynamic group containing the dead devices, then use a table widget to show any metric common to all of them (idle interval, ping, etc.).

    Let me know if you need specific guidance on either of these. Unfortunately, there's no "device list" widget. It has been requested though. The number of times it has been requested is anecdotally high because of the advantage of adding device properties as columns.