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4 years ago

Network link status dashboard

HI All,

Is there any way we can create a network links dashboard(WAN or internet links) in Logic monitor. Basically I am looking for a dashboard with mapping of routers(with shapes) and links(lines) and need to assign the particular datapoint to it so that we can color code the same based on the alerts recieving.

I have not seen any option in LM to include our own graphic template and assign datapoints or the background images to upload and assign datapoints to it.

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    You can get close to what you're talking about with our Topology mapping. If you're not an enterprise customer, you may not have it, so you may need to reach out to your rep. 

    Background images aren't yet supported and there'd have to be some features built to enable static location definition to make sure your icons don't move around on the background image. 

    Topology does show alert status, but it's based on overall alert status of the device.

    You'd probably want to combine this mapping feature with Service Insight, which allows you to select certain instances from devices and group them together: i.e. "WAN links". 

  • We have for some time used LucidChart to present network diagrams to our clients via an iframe in a widget. The Topology Mapping feature has its place, but it is not a substitute for diagramming. Among other things, TM has no support for most WAN topologies.

    I had not looked into it much before, but LucidChart has a Data Service API and in theory, various device details could be replicated via that method (  It will take me some time to digest that and figure out how that would be useful for presenting information from LM, but it sure looks like it could do it.