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9 months ago

NetApp ONTAP REST API support

If you are using NetApp ONTAP, you are likely aware that ONTAPI/ZAPI is approaching end of availability.  In preparation for the transition from ONTAPI/ZAPI, LogicMonitor has updated modules to use the ONTAP REST API when we detect that you’ve enabled it.  This is supported on systems with ONTAP 9.11 and higher.

Why should you care?  If you do not plan for this transition to the ONTAP REST API, updating to a future version of ONTAP that does not support ONTAPI would cause your LogicMonitor modules and 3rd party systems that rely on ONTAPI non-functional.

If you are a NetApp customer and are unaware the end-of-availability timeline for ONTAPI and what that means for you, please contact your NetApp Account team

For more information about enabling LogicMonitor to use the ONTAP REST API, please see the following NetAPP ONTAP Monitoring product documentation:

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  • As you are likely aware. ONTAP 9.14 will not have ONTAPI enabled by default (although it should detect ONTAPI usage if you upgrade). So, to mitigate monitoring disruption, please plan to migrate to the latest NetApp LogicModules and configure ONTAP REST credentials before you deploy 9.14.

    To learn more about ONTAP 9.14, please see the following from NetApp ONAIR: