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8 months ago

NetApp_Cluster_Snapshot module and dashboarding issue

I have a multi-node, multi SVM cluster that is being monitored with the latest LM NetApp_Cluster_Snapshot module. 

I am building a dashboard using the table widget that lists snapshots and their age for various volumes. Ideally, I’d use a wildcard in the instance field to list of all of the snapshots for a particular volume. However, this cluster has multiple SVMs with with identically named volumes. As these are customer volumes, I can’t just go in and rename them, so I’m at a bit of an impasse.

I’d like to add the SVM name so that I can use that as part of the glob when selecting an instance, but I’m not completely sure where these changes would need to be made. I made an attempt by changing a couple of lines in the active discovery script. While it looked like it worked, I ended up with no data being recorded for those resources. 

Has anyone had the same issue and managed to fix it?

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  • Could you modify the discovery to put the svm name as a prefix on the instance name? Wouldn’t require changing the customer side, but would give each one a unique name in LM that you could glob on.