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3 years ago

Need to monitor the syslogs from the IP address using Logic monitor

Hi All,

I have a IP address where all the logs are geeting stored as syslogs (Watch guard dimension server with firewall)

Could anyone tell me how to fetch this data in Logic monitor and monitor ?

Following this blog : but not sure the approach is right or any other way to follow?

It would be great if anyone suggest or help me to configure this log monitor in logic monitor.

Thanks in advance


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    Yes, you would want to use LM Logs to ingest those logs. If you don't see the logs page in your left hand navigation bar (and you're sure your role is not hiding it), talk to your CSM.

    Likely the easiest thing would be to forward logs from your dimension server to an LM collector, which would get them into LM. (That's a way over-simplified explanation btw).