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2 years ago

My Module Toolbox Pro-Tips

As a Customer Success Manager here at LM, I wanted to share a few key features found in our new Module Toolbox that have made keeping LogicModules up to date easier than ever!

Search functionality 

Upon opening your Module Toolbox (found among your tabs under the Reports tab), you will notice there is a search bar in the top left. This will allow you to search for any specific modules instead of spending time combing through looking for the one you need!

Multiple filters 

You can now filter modules you’re searching for by type (datasource, eventsource, configsource, etc.) as well as by customized, skipped updates, author, group, status and report! 

Bulk updating 

You now have the ability to update your modules in bulk (-given that you don’t have any customizations on the modules you have selected). This is going to save time when it comes to keeping your modules up to date, rather than having to update them one by one. If you have customized modules, simply select the filter for “customized” and select “no”. From there you can select all and update. ba-da-boom!

Customization preservations 

This is one that so many of our customers have been asking for. When updating a customized module, again, select the filter for “customized” and select “yes”. From there you will click the update button (depicted as an up arrow inside a circle) on the module you’d like to update. Review any changes made to the module in the diff viewer, click final review and then you will see a “Preservations” option on the right hand side which allows you to preserve customizations made to that particular module. You can currently preserve settings for Active Discovery filters, AppliesTo, Collection Interval, Discovery Interval, Display Name, and Group. No more updating the module to only have to go back in and rewrite all your customizations!

Happy updating! :)

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  • Any idea why I’m still getting these as having updates available but not showing up in the “Add from repo” option? 

  • Hey @Stuart Weenig, in 186 we’re adding one toggle that will allow you to save all alert settings for a module, including, no data, trigger/clear interval, message, subject, description, and the actual threshold values and operator.

    We do eventually want to have all fields be preservable at some granularity, as well as clear indicators of which side made the change. Ideally, we’ll pre-select the most obvious settings for you (preserve all your customizations, update all un-customized fields, make the user adjudicate conflicts, where both LM and the user have changed the same field).

  • That’s progress!

    What about no-data alerts? alert trigger window? alert interval window? As of march 13, I had 64 customized modules. The most common customization was the “delete inactive instances” flag. Some of the customizations I’ve made can/should be pulled into core since they don’t break the out of the box behavior, they just allow additional customization using properties (appliesto, discovery filters, etc.).

    These are the customizations that I’ve had to make with the number of datasources that have that change (some modules have multiple customizations so the total is more than the 64 modules):

    10    Script
    1    EventSource Clear Window
    3    EventSource Clear on Ack
    14    Custom Discovery Filters
    11    Alert Trigger/Clear Interval
    1    Additional Graph(s)
    1    No Data Severity Change
    5    Alert Subject/Body
    19    Delete Inactive Instances
    1    Instance Group Method
    10    AppliesTo
    1    Graph Improvement
    2    Removed Threshold - this can’t be done on the group level otherwise we would have.
    8    Datapoints/Graphs
    7    Disable on Discovery
    1    Remove No Data alert
    2    Poll Interval

  • @Stuart Weenig in case you hadn’t seen it yet, in v.186 we added preservation for changes to alert thresholds when updating modules. This release is scheduled to roll out to customer portals from April 24th through May 1st.

  • you will see a “Preservations” option on the right hand side which allows you to preserve customizations made to that particular module

    It allows you to preserve some customizations, which list is pretty small. Most of my customizations are not preservable, so the module toolbox is still not usable for me. @Michael Rodrigues already knows about my use cases.