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3 years ago

Multiple Collectors

What are some of the reasons to install multiple collectors?


1) better geographical coverage

2) increase the traffic capture bandwidth

3) offload log parsing

4) overcome network latency issues

5) overcome network segmentation issues


I think it is all except #1 and 3. Please let me know if this is correct. Thanks

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    Automatic failover in case of a system outage. If a collector doesn't report in to the LM platform for 3 minutes, its tasks can be reassigned to a different collector. This can be done through Auto-Balanced Collector Groups or dedicated failover Collectors. 

    Also, for ABCGs if one Collector surpasses a defined threshold of instance count, i.e. too much load, the system will automatically reassign devices to a different Collector to balance the load. It's not actual load balancing, but more like automatic overload rectification.

    • MSPs have collectors installed on various customer's sites.
    • Collectors also act as a dependency so if a site goes down and takes the collectors down too, you don't get all the devices at that site to send tons of alert notifications.
    • Remote Access via collector proxy might help gain access if site-to-site connection is down.