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2 months ago

Module Toolbox AppliesTo IDE

I have a new DS to build. I decided, for the first time, to try to build it in the module toolbox instead of the UIv3 editor.

  1. I guess "Resource Label" is the display name of the module. That's confusing because it's not the name of the resource this will be on. I guess I can see that it's the label that the module will show up with under the resource. But it's not the label of the resource. It's the label of the module.
  2. Technical notes - i guess this now supports markup. Which markup? hypertext transfer markup? Extensible markup? Why not markdown (or does it mean markdown when it says markup)?
  3. My big problem is with the "IDE".
    1. Only developers would think the word "IDE" makes more sense than "wizard". Most of them are Java/Groovy developers who actually need an IDE to develop in a language as overly complicated as Java/Groovy. This thing is not an IDE but a field picker.
    2. Functionality that used to exist is no longer there. When I'm developing a datasource, i usually limit the first runs to one device. I opened the "IDE" hoping to find a way to search for the device and limit it to that device. I could do that in the old UI really easily. I don't even know where to start with this new "IDE".
    3. The "IDE" does not auto-complete properties. So even if i started typing out "system.display" it doesn't even suggest a complete property name.
    4. Once i get "system.displayname == " into the appliesto, it doesn't suggest display names to choose from. I know LM knows how to do this because they do it with the LM Logs query window.
    5. Why is there a big help section in the middle of this "IDE" describing what the "true()" convenience function does? I didn't select it and i'm not using it in my appliesto. 
    6. Why is the "IDE" so big? Why can't it pop out in a drawer from the left side? I was worried that the cancel button might cancel the progress i've made on the DS so far.
    7. Speaking of the cancel button, why is there no "you'll lose the progress on your appliesto if you cancel. are you sure you want to cancel?" warning? 
  4. Why are we still choosing the collection mechanism type (batchscript in this case) before getting ot the collection setting? 
  5. Why is the discovery group method selected before instances even exist? Did someone actually say, "it makes more sense to go through the effort of moving this above the discovery arguments"?
  6. Why are the results for testing active discovery still not shown in groups?
  7. I hit save before putting in a name/resource label. It marked them as red, but didn't scroll up to them. It looked like nothing happened when i hit save.
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