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4 years ago

Microsoft_SQLServer_Troubleshooter version 1.8


As we have a lot of noise with Microsoft_SQLServer_Troubleshooter version 1.8, I was looking for an upgrade of this datasource?

Do we have an upgrade of  Microsoft_SQLServer_Troubleshooter v 1.8


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    Yes, it looks like 1.9.0 is available. For the upgrade, you'll need to go to the Exchange page within your portal (permissions/rights to that page depend on your role) and find that DS. You'll need to search for it in the Public Repository tab and click the Upgrade button. This will launch Safe LogicModule Merge. You'll need to evaluate the differences to ensure the changes that get applied don't override any changes you've made to your local copy. By default, it's set to accept all changes from the public repo, replicating the legacy upgrade experience. Once you're good with the differences, click the save button.