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7 months ago

LM Portal Integration Events - EventSource to alert on Alerting Integration failures


It’s an EventSource that calls recent Alert Integration events from the LM API (endpoint: /setting/integrations/auditlogs) , and alerts on any non-2xx responses.


Mostly because these failures aren’t glaringly obvious within the LM Envision UI; you have to actively go and look for them. This EventSource will let you alert on them within LM, both in the UI itself and also as an alert that can be escalated out.

Obvious caveat:

If you want to escalate alerts from this EventSource out of the platform, use an Alert Rule and an Escalation Chain to target the alerts and route them out via email/SMS/Voice call, not via an Alerting Integration. 😉

You will need:

A LogicMonitor Portal Resource, that all the core LogicMonitor_Portal_* LogicModules also apply to.

API credentials such as you’d already have set on this resource, as per our documentation:

The user that these credentials relate to must have read access to LM Audit Logs.

The EventSource will automatically apply to your Portal Resource and “just start working”.

If the API credentials don’t give sufficient rights to the Audit Logs, the EventSource will start alerting on that also (unfortunately, on each poll - you may want to watch it on implementation just to make sure it’s OK!)

Script uses Collector Script Cache to remember the most recent event seen on each poll, then look back only that far, to ensure full coverage with no overlap.

EventSource name: LogicMonitor_Portal_IntegrationEvents

Version 1.4 published with lmLocator: J3WPAR

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