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3 years ago

LM Integration with Autotask SOAP 1.5 retiring

I haven't been able to find that LogicMonitor is working to update to REST API for their Autotask integration. For anyone who has moved away from using this integration, what was useful - email parsing, custom API, something else? as we are open to new and better options!

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  • I was chatting to LogicMonitor earlier this month and I was told the following:-
    "as of now, we have converted SOAP to use v1.6 which will only be faced off in Q4 2024, we currently do not have a rest version but will will be making it available in the future..."

    I did ask any idea when the REST version will be available?  The response I got was 
    "We do not have a timeframe as of now as we will need to fully test it before we make it available but do look out under release notes once it is available we will post it there..."