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22 days ago

Linux collectors for Windows servers

A year or so ago there was talk of a Linux based collector in testing that could monitor Windows servers too, is this still planned? We would like to have a minimum number of Windows servers but as long as we have any number of Windows servers, we will always need to also have Windows based Collectors.

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  • Linux collectors can monitor Windows servers. But they cannot execute Powershell based data sources. Linux can do WMI through Groovy. So, it is limited compared to Windows collectors. 

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      I believe it was more specifically to make a fully compatible Linux collector that could also do WMI. Powershell is available on Linux, as long as it's made available in on the host or in a container I don't see that it should be a blocker.

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        WMI is not the blocker. Though posh is available on Linux, the collector isn't able to use it. LM is working on that. 

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      Hey Stuart_Weenig we did look into supporting PowerShell and WMI/WinRM on Linux a while back, but that initiative is currently paused.

      You should be able to setup Linux Powershell as an "external" execution engine for LogicModules. Of course, that is not as clean as having it natively supported for "embedded" scripts, but that isn't in the cards, at least for this year.