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4 months ago

Letting non-admin users make and manage their own dynamic groups

We’ve got an environment that is maturing into a space where our SMEs are now wanting to take some ownership of their device organization and alert tuning. Part of that has butted up against dynamic ...
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    4 months ago

    This seems like it would be a natural evolution of LM towards using actual multi-tenancy. The FR i submitted looks like this (in case you want to copy/paste).

    Inheritance of additional appliesto clause

    I would like to specify a property on a parent group called mandatoryAppliesTo and have that appliesto "AND"ed to every appliesto of every dynamic group under the group containing the property. 
    This would simplify our current appliesto and make our standard dynamic group definitions under each customer folder identical, with the parent folder adding to each dynamic group under the customer to ensure only that customer's devices are included.
    This also gives us the ability to delegate dynamic group management under customers to non administrators while ensuring they don't accidentally cross tenant boundaries.

    More details and discussion can be found here: