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8 months ago

Kerberos Authentication


We’re trying to setup Kerberos only authentication with logicmonitor.

I’ve configured the logicmonitor service account to use Kerberos with the wmi.authType set to Kerberos and applied this at the same level where the service account is in use. The servers have been added as fqdns.

However, we are still seeing NTLM login usage by the service account (ntlm auditing gpo).



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  • I also opened a ticket with support. I also wanted to see what the community had to say about it.

    We do have a Citrix VAD platform and I was aware that if we wanted to maintain monitoring of our Citrix env. that would have to be an exception to blocking ntlm.

    However, I’d like to figure out why the non-citrix components are still trying to use ntlm

  • Good afternoon @cstaniar, as Stuart recommended, we’d suggest you reach out to support for further investigation. With that said, are you using Citrix VAD, or some other virtualization platform? There are some nuances with authenticating to virtual machines, particularly Citrix VAD, that currently prevent Kerberos authentication methods, but support should be able to provide additional clarification once they investigate.