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  • On 6/23/2022 at 11:12 AM, Stuart Weenig said:

    Ok, you probably already have DataSources for some of these. You might try setting the jmx authentication credentials to see if they show up.

    If they don't show up after that, you just need to build the DS. For that you'll need the mBeans for those metrics and define discovery and collection.

    To tack on to this, if you need help figuring out what's available from the JVM, I personally use VisualVM to discover these mBeans -- setting up the JMX connection is fairly simple, and when you navigate to the beans, if you go to 'Metadata' tab, you should be able to introspect the appropriate JMX paths needed for the LogicMonitor DataSource DataPoints.

  • JMX is a protocol for communicating with java virtual machines, the Collector being one. What exactly are you asking? What are you trying to do?

  • I would like to know something like as followings:

    JVM loaded classes
    JVM total number of loaded classes
    JVM unloaded classes
    Garbage collection total activation count
    Garbage collection total collection time
    Garbage collection suspension time
    Garbage collection count
    Garbage collection time
    JVM heap memory pool committed bytes
    JVM heap memory max bytes
    JVM heap memory pool used bytes
    JVM runtime free memory
    JVM runtime max memory
    JVM runtime total memory
    Process memory allocation bytes
    Process memory allocation objects count
    Process memory survived objects bytes
    Process memory survived objects count