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27 days ago

Issues with Set-LMWebsiteGroup

I'm working with the lm-powershell-module and I'm able to get all my website information and the groups id's but when I try to update the group information so I can bulk move websites nothing seems to happen.  I have tried many different ways such as:

Set-LMWebsiteGroup -Name 'CNVPABACUSS252/Servicing/Loan' -ParentGroupName 'Production/Internal/DevOps/Individual Nodes/Abacus Sync'

Set-LMWebsiteGroup -Name $ -ParentGroupName 'Production/Internal/DevOps/Individual Nodes/Abacus Sync' -ParentGroupId 77

Set-LMWebsiteGroup -Id 3526 -ParentGroupId 77

I'm sure my syntax is not correct somewhere, but I'm drawing a blank on what it is.

Thanks for your help.

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  • I haven't used this module but quick look at the code seems to be able to report some debug info although I'm not sure exactly how to turn it on. Try adding "-debug" to the Set-LMWebsiteGroup command or running "$DebugPreference = 'Continue'" before the line. If you get more details from that let us know what it says.

  • PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> set-lmwebsitegroup -Verbose -Name 'CNVPABACUSS252/Servicing/Loan' -ParentGroupName 'Production/Internal/DevOps/Individual Nodes/Abacus Sync'
    VERBOSE: GET"CNVPABACUSS252/Servicing/Loan"&size=1000&offset=0&sort=+id with 0-byte payload
    VERBOSE: received 74-byte response of content type application/json

    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> set-lmwebsitegroup -debug -Name 'CNVPABACUSS252/Servicing/Loan' -ParentGroupName 'Production/Internal/DevOps/Individual Nodes/Abacus Sync'
    DEBUG: Invoked Command: Get-LMWebsiteGroup
    DEBUG: Bound Parameters: [Name:CNVPABACUSS252/Servicing/Loan]
    DEBUG: Invoked URL:"CNVPABACUSS252/Servicing/Loan"&size=1000&offset=0&sort=+id
    DEBUG: Request Headers: [Authorization:LMv1 2vPfj2uZ6qAM4rnrygFV...] [Content-Type:application/json] [X-Version:3]

    That's the debug I got using one of the many ways to try and update the grouping.

  • Hmm, that looks somewhat incomplete as it's only showing the GET request and not the PATCH request that it does later. I'm not in a position to test out this module myself. You may need to reach out to the developer of the module.