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13 years ago

IBM DS4700 and DS3000 monitoring


Are these IBM storage arrays supported/monitored? If not, can they be? I\'ve had two requests regarding these today, coincidentally.


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  • Not currently supported. (Some IBM storage systems - the N series - are effectively rebranded NetApps - so those are supported.)n

    nThe DS series certainly could be supported. A quick bit of research shows it reports performance data via SMI-S - but we do not yet have an SMI collector. So right now it would probably require running an agent on a host with the command line tools installed, and processing the output of the CLI commands.

  • Yes, SMI is certainly planned - but probably wont be out for 3 months.n

    nCLI wrapping would be interim measure (as it doesnt require a code change.)

  • Is there a solution for the monitoring of IBM storage? You spoke of a SMI collector. Is this out already or is there another solution?