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2 years ago

How to customize Clearing alert

This is one of those back to basics questions but I am stumped!
Just got a very simple request from my network team; Modify the host down alerts so when the host down condition is detected it comes across as 'Host "xxxxxxxxxx" is Down" email.  That's it. No other text necessary.  And when the host back online is detected send a message 'Host "xxxxxxxxx" is Up".
So this could not be simpler, right?  Well, not so fast.  Host down condition is detected by HostStatus DataSource.  In it, there is an 'idleInterval' Datapoint that detects host alive condition.  And as it is in its definition the Subject says 'The host ##HOSTNAME## is down' which is exactly what I want. The firs half of requirement is met.  But then, the clearing alert comes in as '***CLEARED*** critical - xxxxxxxxxxx Host Status idleInterval' email.  And there is no way I can figure out how to change it to 'The host ##HOSTNAME## is up'. I think the problem is you can modify and subject and body of DataPoint Alert Message - which is terrific - but you have no way to customize the Clearing alert.  Unless, of course you modify the DataSource Alert template but that modifies ALL alerts not just the one you are working with.  Also, I've tried to do this with Email Integration plugin but again - you can customize the alert message to your heart's content but there is no logic to customize Clearing message.  Help???  What am I missing?

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  • Thanks. Somehow, I am not surprised this is not an easy solution. Modify DS, choose Customized Alert message field and you are done.  Nope.  That won't work.  Sigh.  Can it be done?  Sure.  Programmatically (using LM API calls) modify Device Property which then you can use in your alert template or integration payload as a token.  Done.  Or, send all - or specific subset - of your alerts to External Alerting where you can use the Python or Powershell script and you can intercept all alerts, filter in your what you are after, customize the wording to your heart's content and send them on their way to Exchange recipients.  Done. Extra extra work to streamline core feature.

  • 3 minutes ago, mmatec01 said:

    And there is no way I can figure out how to change it to 'The host ##HOSTNAME## is up'

    Settings >> Alert Messages >> Datasource Alert >> Email >> Clear tab. Might get you close. It's global though.

  • Yeah, global setting for All Clearing alerts, which is why it is not applicable in my case. How can you modify clearing alert just for this DataSource and this DataPoint is my question?

  • No way that I know of. The DS setting isn't actually the "open" message. It's just the message, which becomes another token that's inserted into the email or integration payload. The clear email or the clear integration payload can be modified, but it's global.