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3 years ago

Has anyone had issues with ServiceNow Integration using HTTP PUT method?

I am having an issue where my SNOW integration is not allowing for HTTP PUTs. When an alert threshold is triggered, a HTTP Post is sent via the API that successfully, an incident is created. If an alert is acknowledged/cleared or escalated/de-escalated, if configured with the POST method, these events trigger an additional ticket to be created telling me that the alert was cleared/acknowledged/escalated..etc. This is expected behavior. However, when I decide that instead of a separate ticket to be created, I want the original incident updated, I configure the integration with the PUT method for Acknowledged/Cleared/Escalated events. When this configuration is saved, the HTTP PUT request is never completed and the integration log gives me an error stating that the API does not support PUT requests. All LM documentation says that PUT is supported for SNOW integrations.

I have been working with LM support on this but havent been able to figure it out yet.. Has anyone come across this issue before?

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