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9 months ago

Groovy script for Oracle Datagurd status

Is there any sample Groovy script for Oracle Datagurd status. please advise.

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  • In our initial research, the first method we tried (at a customer’s request) required elevated privileges, so we chose not to implement it. However, if you’re aware of a non-privileged method please send me a DM.


  • Hi

    I have checked Logicmonitor support team, they said that, as of now there is no datasource available for Oracle Dataguard monitoring

  • @Manog1978 this is correct.  I’m the Product Manager for the team that creates the official (non-Cloud) LogicModules.

  • @Patrick Rouse  : is there any alternate way workaround to achieves like custom SQL Script.

    Please advise.

  • I have made custom SQl Script and got out put in the datasource. however, when i pull the data , am getting below error

    Attribute not valid or not found in output - (method=namevalue, param)

    any suggestion,

  • Here it is

    sqlQuery = "select decode(synchronized,'YES',0,1) output from v\$archive_dest_status where type='PHYSICAL'"