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9 years ago

Exporting Users

Would it be possible in the future to export users into a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. Also, when we sort the user table it doesn't seem to actually sort by any of the columns correctly. If we try to sort by 'Roles' it sorts by 'Usernames' first then 'Roles'. We would like the ability to be able to sort by the specific column we choose.

If we look at the properties of a group, you can't see who is attached to the groups either. We would like to be able to go into a group and see what users are in that group.

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  • The new UI does this better.

    Its sorting works correctly, so sorting by Roles (or other columns) in the users table does what you'd expect.

    The users table also has a filter, so you can limit it to people in certain roles or statuses.

    There is not a direct export to Excel - but you could make one from the getAccounts RPC call and a little scripting. What's the use case for that?

  • This would be very helpful for us. We have SOC II reporting we do annually and need to run reports for users and permission levels for all of our tool sets.

    Right now we have to take screenshots to get the reporting necessary.

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    There's a built in report that will give you user to role mapping (could combine with a user report). You can output it to CSV. It's difficult to sort by role since the user to role relationship is one to many. One user can have multiple roles. If a user has both Administrator and ZeeBot roles, which one is used for sorting?

    Also, I hate to be the guy to bring up the API, but...You could pretty easily script this to output a nice CSV, then you could build in some logic to sort by role the way you want.