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6 months ago

Enable/Disable Integrations?

Is any way to easily disable/enable integrations?

I have a bunch of Escalation Chains (300+) that all do various things but send to a PROD ticketing system Integration directly. I’d like to attach the TEST Integration to all of them, and then toggle the integration on or off. But I dont see a way to do it.

As I’m typing this up, it just occurred to me that maybe I could attach the Integration to a Recipient group, and remove it, as needed. We have only used sms or email for those but I just discovered as I was creating this that apparently I could just add a Recipient Group to all my Escalation Chains, and then add/remove the integration.

So I feel silly now, but I’ll let the question stand. Or I will shift it … is the use of Recipient Groups the way other people use to wholesale/bulk turn on or off integration points, by putting another layer in there?

EDIT: I unfortunately discovered that I can’t have an empty recipient list, so in the event I needed to disable all the Integrations in the recipient list, I can’t do it unless there is a null or empty target that can be selected in the event I dont need TEST or DEV integrations in that list (I would want to keep a PROD one separate and untouched if possible). So I’m also wondering if there is a way to do an empty recipient list? I saw no empty/null options, and wouldnt want to burden LM by sticking in some dummy email in there for a NULL equivalent.

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