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7 months ago

DNS datpoints threshold values

Please share if we have standard threshold values for the datapoints available there within “Windows DNS Server-” datasource.


1. AXFRSuccessReceived
2. AXFRSuccessSent
3. IXFRSuccessReceived
4. IXFRSuccessSent 
5. TotalQueryReceived
6. TotalResponseSent      

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    Good morning Sky10,

    The latest version of ‘Windows DNS Server-’ datasource doesn’t have any thresholds on all datapoints by default. Usually that’d be the behavior for collected informational data, or thresholds could vary significantly from an environment to another.

    If there’s a threshold for these datapoints that would help with identifying problems, you can tune the threshold globally (if it applies to all DNS servers), on the group level (if it applies on specific group of DNS server) or on the instance/resource level (if it applies to a single DNS server)