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17 days ago

DataSource Graphs

Is it possible to clone them from an existing DataSource to another one? We have a Clone option but I can't see how to clone it to another DataSource - only to the same one.

Following on from my previous thread about combining CPU and Memory stats in one DataSource I just realised I completely disregarded the Graphs. It's not a major problem since I have everything I need on a Dashboard but if anyone did ever click in to the DataSource on a resource, they only see CPU graphs (I originally cloned WinCPU and then added the Datapoints from WinOS).

It there a Windows equivalent of 'VMware_vCenter_HostPerformance' DataSource | LogicMonitor - 14754


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  • The only way to do this would be to export both to file and copy and paste the graph definition from one to the other then reimport the newly modified one from file. 

    Shouldn't be terribly difficult. Definitely easier than rebuilding them by hand.