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2 years ago

Custom events from AWS

I would like to receive custom events from AWS Eventbridge or similar, none of the eventsource types seem to be able to receive events like this. The only thing that could possibly fit is using a script eventsource to scrape an SQS queue where we send events which is not very cloud friendly or user friendly.

My starting use case for this is to replace AWS Health Events and AWS Service Health modules which need considerable work before they're usable. For example there is currently an issue with AWS Secrets Manager in US-EAST-1 and I have nearly 600 alerts related to it, there is no deduplication across multiple accounts and each time it polls or the event is updated it creates a new alert. At a minimum the AWS Health API eventsource should be filterable and AWS Service Health should be able to be region limited and adhere to the default region monitoring setting on the cloud.

Ultimately the ideal solution would be something similar to the Datadog events API, events explorer and dashboard panel. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Thought about doing LM Logs with AWS? Different alert generation functionality. Also happens to be the future for EventSources, unless something's changed at LM.