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6 months ago

ConfigSource checks by Value regex quirks?

I made a ConfigSource which applies just to our LogicMonitor Account resource object, and it tracks changes to folders, in case anyone moves things they shouldnt. It runs once an hour.

I’ve got it working (with some false error in it too to test the config check) but my Arbitrary Text checks by Value which use Regex just aren’t working, but they work on regex101 and I can see the capture groups work fine. But no matter what, I could never get an error to trigger when my output started with anything other than “OK” so I was forced to just switch to a groovy script check for the presence of “ERROR CHANGE:”. But again, I’m certain my regex is correct, and I verified it on Regex 101.

So I’m just wondering if there are any known “quirks” about LogicMonitor’s regex or input stream from the config source that would be “Tricky” in any sense. For example, I already consider it weird that in AppliesTo checks with =~, which supposedly use Regex, are somehow case insensitive by default in LM, but arent in regex generally. Because I cannot for the life of me get the Value option with a capture group being not equal to OK to work in any sense. But my regex groups things fine in regex101. So I almost wonder if maybe ^ and $ dont apply, maybe the whole output is considered one line or something strange under the hood. I’m grasping at straws.


All my output lines from my ConfigSource either start with OK: or they start with ERROR: …. and I’m throwing an error when the capture group has a value that is not equal to OK. So logically, if my regex value matches at all, it should throw an error now for sure, since I have lines with both in my output (I wont bore anyone with sample output).

Anyway, I got my alerts working by using the groovy script check for a hard coded value, just wondering generally if there are any known quirks with Value checks. I know its possible somehow that I’ve just done something dumb too. But more broadly I’m wondering if there are any other known weird things?


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  • There are quirks, but they are hardly known (much less documented). I mostly revert to sending that kind of thing to LM Logs and alerting there based on the log content, which is defined by the script that runs doing the detecting.