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4 years ago

Collector Status Page - Property source task hostabc:21 has run about 65123 seconds

On the 'Collector Status Page' near the bottom I'm seeing something like:
"PropertySource: The property source task has run about 65961 seconds.
Please check whether it's blocked or has any updates in property source."

How can I identify which property source that is exactly? Does the ":21" refer to a particular property source or is that just some random task execution id?  

I've looked at !aplist and !apdetail but I don't see an association between anything there and the status msg. Any ideas? Thx.

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    Have you tried !aplist?  The 21 is likely an FTP port reference, but i'd have to look at it to be sure.

  • Yes, I took a look at !aplist (and !splist), but didn't really see any correlation with the :21.  And during a previous collector status update it was showing a different host with :14 as the problem, I didn't take those to be port references.

    Hmmm ... well, since I've already restarted the collector (and it's back to normal processing) there is nothing in !aplist or !splist to look at now. Still though .. curious what the :14, or :21, or probably any other number could show there ... what those refer to and how to identify the property source (or datasource if it should be one of those with an issue someday) the collector status page is refering to.

  • Click on property sources then select a property source(any of them) then in the URL put 21 at the end and hit enter.  That will take you to property source 21.