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5 years ago

Cohesity/Rubrik integration

Has anyone done anything with integrating either Rubrik or Cohesity into LM? We're looking for LM specific resources, cluster, SLA domains, evengts, etc.

Does anyone have an update on when LM might have "builtin" integration?



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  • @Ron - we have some "beta" Rubrik datasources that are available - I would suggest reaching out to your customer success manager and they can help facilitate adding those to your account. I'm not seeing anything for Cohesity but it looks like they have an SNMP agent available, so you could potentially tackle it that way.

    *Edit - I saw your other post, the beta datasources do use the Rubrik API (and not SNMP.)

  • Has this gone GA yet? We are looking for some Rubrik DataSources...


  • We're targeting Q1 2021 for an official release of the beta stuff that's floating around. If you have Rubrik devices we can develop and test against, please reach out to your CSM.