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6 months ago

Cisco Nexus configsource not quite working


First post here and of course it’s a question :-)

I’m just trying out configuring the configsource for a Cisco MDS SAN switch (using the Cisco_NXOS config source)

It does connect to the switch and it does pull “some” info out, but not all.

The instructions of what to configure in the configsource are a tad vague, in the technical notes it lists what it wants :

- requires ssh access via credentials set in ssh.user and ssh.pass
- user set in ssh.user must have the following privileges:
  - terminal length *
  - show *
  - read

SSH user and pass all easy, creating the role though … I can create a role with the feature “show *”, no idea what feature “read” is or how to give the role “terminal length *”

The issue of it getting only a small amount of data is almost certainly related to the “terminal length *” requirement, by default switches give you a page at a time on screen and you tend to do a “term len 0" to get it to output it all non-stop.

Anyone use this configsource ?  And could share the role created on the switch ?


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