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2 years ago

Cisco - ASR1001

Hi There,

We use Cisco ASR1001x to terminate VPDN/L2TP tunnels, around 5 tunnels with 1000 sessions on each.
We would like to graph these, Is any one doing any thing similar please? If so what Dataset are you using?


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  • I want to say there was one like this, but maybe I'm remembering a one off I built. You should be able to build this pretty easily though. Start with something like this: Change line 17 to send "show vpdn tunnel" instead. Then lines 22-28 loop through the output. You'd need to write a discovery script and a collection script, both executing the same command, but outputting the instances for discovery and the data for collection. Use batchscript as the type.

    You can use the if statement on line 23 to match the lines that contain "L2TP-TUNNEL". The script already splits the matching lines, then you can reference the split line by index. You might run into trouble because some of your lines contain an extra term if split using a space as the delimiter. I don't remember if it works, but you might be able to use negative indices to grab the numbers on the right.