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2 years ago

Can anyone here confirm CloudWatch metrics are working?

Is your CloudWatch data coming through?  Ours stopped working days ago

We just discovered all of our CloudWatch metrics are no longer showing up in LM starting at about 18:00 UTC on Feb 28th.  I have confirmed that this is also reflected in our Cost Explorer - which indicates that the data is no longer being requested (or that the requests are failing for an unknown reason).  We have several Org accounts and they appear to all be impacted.  I wasn’t able to confirm with LM Support whether or not we are the only impacted customer so I’m soliciting anyone here for feedback.

Cloudwatch API calls are not logged by CloudTrail, which severely limits our ability to diagnose the issue on our end.  We are, however, reasonably sure that there were no changes made by us that would cause such a catastrophic loss of monitoring data.

There is currently an issue shown on but it does not accurately describe this issue.

Any replies would be very helpful.  Thank you in advance.

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  • Our AWS LMCloud monitoring is working fine.

    That kinda stinks though, perhaps your LMCloud services got turned off for your portal? I would get support or your rep on the line.