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4 months ago

BigNumber Widget or something similar that will use the Dashboard Timescale?

We had one of our Devs setup a self service daemon for use to provision some “things” and we are querying those numbers with an API. We currently have some hard coded (app side) data for Successful/Failed per hour and per 24 hours and we are using the Big Number Widgets. We also have some graphs that accurately display this same data on a time scale Based on the Dashboard Time Setting. Now for my question. 

For the life of me i cannot figure out a way to get the Dashboard Time Scale setting to work with anything else outside of a graph. You’d think using the SUM or Max aggregate function would work but it doesn’t. Maybe its the way the data is coming over from this custom app. 

The people that are looking at this data are complaining they don’t want to do the math off the graph to figure out how many success/fails happen in a given time period. 

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  • You can borrow from here to get kick started. This script takes api creds, a dashboard id, and a widget id as arguments. It pulls the device list from LM, creates a table with device name, IP, and ID and posts it to the widget. The resulting table is sortable.

    Modify lines 103-105 to setup your table headers. Modify line 110 to modify the row that gets output. You can do any call you want to push into the table. This one uses .get_device_list() and combines all the properties as top-level members of the device object.

  • That would a wonderful feature…  Make sure to submit that to the dev teams using the feature recommendations in the support area of the portal.  If I remember as well, I’ll bring it up as a feature when we have our next client success meeting.

  • Most widgets show the most recent row of data. Only the time series line graphs show otherwise.