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3 years ago

AWS Health Events Eventsource

Hello Folks,

Good Day!

I've configured  AWS Health Event event source in our LM however I'm not getting any event log related to AWS account .

Can someone please elaborate the reason or possibilities behind this issue? or explain where should I check to confirm whether it's configured properly or not?  

As you can see I'm using core LM event source and applied to all AWS accounts. 

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    When you click "Test AppliesTo" what do you get?

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    Just checking bases: when looking at the eventsource, go up to "More" and click "Show associated devices". You should be able to click from there into one of your AWS accounts. Technically, when you add an AWS account, there is a group that contains the AWS resources. However, account level stats cannot be associated with a group. Instead, a faux resource is created in that group that represents the account level stats, including this one. When you go the more > show associated devices route, it takes you directly to the resource where the eventsource should live. You should see it the second one down (YMMV). The data tab should show entries.

    If that still doesn't work, I'd recommend reaching out to Support.