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6 months ago

Anyone doing PostFix monitoring?

Hi all, we have a small postfix server running as a contain in AWS. Basic monitoring works fine but we were wondering if anyone out there is using or has any ideas for how to monitor SMTP traffic in LogicMonitor. Ideally, we’d like to setup some sort of synthetic email tests on a schedule but wasn't sure where to start or if anything exists natively. 

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  • I was looking at that this morning, but because our postfix instance/s are running in containers I don’t think the Module can see/understand what to do with it. 

    Never mind, needed to step away and take a fresh look at it. Think i’m on the right track now. 

  • Doesn’t look like it will work on an AWS ECS container. I put in a ticket just in case but it looks like the structure of the resources just isnt gonna fly with this.