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4 years ago

Alerts Report is there a Column that has the Alert Message Details?

So when generating an "Alert Report" is there a column that includes the actual alert message details? I tried all the columns and all combinations of "message" or "detail" but nothing gives me the actual details of the alert. Why is this not available? We need to give an alert report to our clients/systems teams and if its missing this details its useless. 
Is there a hidden column, attribute property that I can added to the report template that would grab this info? 

Alert Message:

LMD244902791 error - EXCH102 Cluster Manager Monitoring-Cluster monitoring in absence monitored
ID: LMD244902791 Please add 'ECDAG03'into monitoring in order to retrieve cluster related metrics This started at 2021-01-08 13:41:24 EST - or 623h 30m ago.

But in the Alert Report the only column that has part of this is the "INSTANCE" column and it just has:
Windows_Cluster_Node_ClusterMonitoring-Cluster monitoring in absence

This is just one example but many alerts are like this where the good detailed stuff isn't available in the alert report, thus making the whole alert report pretty useless. End users who have to deal with the alert then have to go into LM and look at each alert to see the details.

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  • Bumping... Anyone from LM can respond here?


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    Sorry, just peeking my head above the snow for the first time in a week. I don't have an answer for this. I'll have to go figure out who the PM is over the alerts/reports stuff. MRod may have better access as he's on that team.