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10 months ago

Alerts coming from seemingly one DS when they actually come from multiple

I’ve already opened a case with support to see if anyone knows anything on their side, but figured I’d ask here/make others aware:

When looking at some of my alerts this morning, I noticed that when I filtered by "LogicModule == VMWare VM Snapshots", some alerts were from datapoints called "AgeInHours" and some were from datapoints called "age_hours". I wondered what the difference was between these two datapoints and why one DS would have two different datapoints (with alert generating thresholds) with names so similar.

Turns out even though the alert page shows all these alerts coming from the "VMware VM Snapshots" DS, they are in fact coming from multiple DataSources: VMware_vCenter_VMSnapshots and VMware_vSphere_VMsnapshots. Those two DSs happen to share the same display name. I get why they do, but filtering by display name (which isn't guaranteed to be unique) isn't always desirable. I get why it could be handy, but the alerts page (and header graph) give a false impression that these belong to a single logicmodule, when in fact they don't. This will be a big problem when I'm trying to tune thresholds for these. I'll tune the thresholds, but some of the alerts will be unchanged, despite me thinking I've modified the thresholds.

If anyone knows:

How can I filter for just one LogicModule or the other without including alerts from both (without explicitly defining a datapoint filter)?

How can I make the header graph show how many are from each DS?

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  • I guess i’m lucky the datapoints weren’t named exactly the same thing. Otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed that they came from different DataSources.