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3 years ago

Alert to Disk Offline

Hi Team,

I had a server get updates over the weekend that resulted in a reboot of the server. When the server came back online one of the disks was offline in the Disk Management console. This disk had been monitored in LogicMonitor and when I looked at the device in resources the drive was no longer there. I brought the disk online and then did a "Run Active Discovery" and "Force DataSource Re-Match" and the drive was then back in LM. Is this normal behavior for LM to remove the drive from monitoring if it is not online after a reboot? Is there a way we could alert as a critical if the drive is showing offline? Thank you for any assistance!

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    This is a DataSource setting. Look at the DS under the active discovery settings. There will be an option to delete instances immediately, after 30 days, or not at all. Likely this is set to delete immediately. You can change that to whatever your preference is.

  • Hi Stuart,

    Thank you for the reply, I did find that option selected and I have made the change. So now if this would happen again, do you know if it would alert? I imagine I would get a "No Data" type of alert at least, thoughts? Thank you again for the assistance. 

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    You'll get a no data alert if you have a no data alert enabled on at least one of the datapoints. Unfortunately, the UI doesn't show that setting unless you edit the datapoint.